Welcome to the first Coventry Peace Award Newsletter

Thank you for subscribing this newsletter. Below you will find links to items referred to during the launch on Tuesday. This includes guidance on the process of applying for the Award.

We recommend that you register to join the scheme as soon as possible so you can benefit from our support as you work towards accreditation.

Please feel free to contact us via info@coventrypeaceaward.uk if need any help, support or suggestions of what you can do to achieve accreditation.

The next edition of this newsletter will contain some suggestions of activities you might not have thought about. Please let us know of your activities so we can share them with other schools. Indeed, schools might want to work together on some projects and this is a good way of identifying possible partnerships.

Finally please feel free to pass this newsletter on to other teachers in your school and also those in other schools who might be interested in joining the scheme.

Best wishes and thanks for your interest in the Coventry Peace Award.

Philip Brown
Chair, Peace Award Committee


Award Process

Guidance through the peace and reconciliation award process. Here you can also download a Word document containing all this information.

To be certified as a school of Peace and Reconciliation you will need to register so we can invite you to relevant events and offer you support as you work to fulfil the criteria. …

Read more.

CPD on handling difficult conversations

On 7 April, Coventry Prevent Team will facilitate this CPD on handling difficult conversations on 7 April in Coventry Council House...

Read more.

Coventry City Centre Peace Trail Introduction

This CPD event on 5 May will introduce the Coventry Peace Trail and include a guided tour, free copies of the Peace Trail and examples of worksheets for students.

Read more.

Slides from Launch Event

Click to download the Powerpoint presentation from the Peace Award launch on 11 February 2020.

Read more.

Educational Resources

Follow the link below to access databases of resources and ideas for peace-related activities for Primary, Secondary and Further/Higher Education establishments, plus a tag-cloud of keywords. This database was created on the Coventry City of Peace website by a working group of the Schools Peace & Justice Forum and is frequently updated. 

Read more.

Action Plan

We recommend that schools create an Action Plan of activities which will qualify towards the award. Follow the link below to download an example of an Action Plan

Read more.

Cardinal Newman Peace Charter

The Peace Charter, produced by students at Cardinal Newman Catholic School and shown at the Launch event, has been added to the Peace Education database at https://coventrycityofpeace.uk/cardinal-newman-peace-charter/

Short Report on Launch of Coventry Peace Award

On 11 February 2020, Coventry Lord Mayor's Committee for Peace and Reconciliation launched the Coventry Peace Award. Teachers from 33 schools registered to attend the launch and 32 people were able to attend. The Lord Mayor of Coventry, Councillor Linda Bigham, introduced the Award, explaining that it evolved out of comments made during Coventry Young People’s Peace and Reconciliation Conference …

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