Coventry Peace Awards have been introduced by Coventry Lord Mayor’s Committee for Peace and Reconciliation.

During their first year, 2020, these free awards will be aimed at schools. In future years we might broaden them to include other organisations and communities that have promoted peace and reconciliation.

The Award aims to:

  • Give young people a voice in promoting peace and reconciliation – at a personal, local and global level
  • Offer a free scheme to encourage and support schools and communities to promote peace and reconciliation.
  • Enable schools and communities to collaborate on peace initiatives
  • Encourage schools to appoint a Peace Coordinator who will link to other organisations and schools promoting peace and pass on information to other members of staff.
  • Organise meetings where teachers can meet others and share information.
  • Offer certificates to schools confirming they promote peace and reconciliation. Certificates are valid for 3 years.
  • Raise awareness of Coventry being an international city of peace and reconciliation.

For more information, write to

We offer a database of resources for teaching about peace and reconciliation. See

Download the Coventry Peace Award leaflet

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