To be certified as a school of Peace and Reconciliation you will need to register so we can invite you to relevant events and offer you support as you work to fulfil the criteria. We recommend you complete the registration form at least 2 terms before you intend to submit your evidence for the award.

Click here to register online

Criteria for Award

To achieve accreditation you will need to meet the following criteria. The criteria are quite flexible to take into account the differing ways schools might approach implementation. Schools will not be expected to submit a great deal of written evidence. There is a submission form below. An alternative will be to request a visit from a Lord Mayor’s Peace Committee representative to assess your peace and reconciliation activities.

The four criteria you must fulfil are:

  • Attending CPD linked to the Award and its aims.
  • Providing evidence of work linked to Peace and Reconciliation at a school level.
  • Pupil participation in Coventry peace initiatives such as a Peace Conference.
  • Evidence of wider peace and reconciliation work in the community, nationally or internationally.

Examples of evidence

Please note this is not an exhaustive list. See this page for forthcoming opportunities.

Attending CPD linked to the award:

  • PeaceJam training programme
  • CPD on handling difficult conversations
  • Training on anti-bullying, restorative approaches, community cohesion
  • Workshops delivered by the cathedral and SACRE
  • Rights Respecting Schools Award training, Schools Linking training

Providing evidence of work linked to Peace and Reconciliation at a school:

  • Peer mediators, playground pals, restorative justice
  • Entry into Peace poems, peace song competitions
  • Amnesty international youth groups
  • PSHE programmes of study and projects promoting health and wellbeing, Citizenship
  • Opportunities within the curriculum e.g. climate issues, debates,
  • Pupil voice, student council projects
  • Mentoring in Violence Prevention
  • Safeguarding Champions (due to be launched in spring 2020)

Pupil participation in Coventry Peace initiatives:

  • Commemoration of events in the year e.g. HMD, Hiroshima Day, Peace One Day,
  • Accessing Coventry Peace Trail
  • Attendance at Lord Mayor’s Peace Committee Annual Pupil Conference,
  • PeaceJam event

Evidence of wider peace and reconciliation work in the community, nationally or internationally:

  • Rights Respecting Schools Award, ICONS Award,
  • Involvement with UNICEF
  • International school links
  • Charities or organisations supported
  • Peace gardens

Submission of Evidence

When the four criteria for the award have been completed you can submit your evidence.

The work of at least two terms should be evidenced. Evidence of activities undertaken during the current academic year is acceptable.


The easiest way to submit your evidence is at .


Alternatively you may want to request a visit from a member of the Lord Mayor’s Committee for Peace and Reconciliation to assess your work. Note that you will still need to demonstrate that you have fulfilled the four criteria.

To request a visit email

Date for Submission of Evidence

Submit your evidence as early as possible and at the latest by 11 June if you want to be sure of receiving the award in the award ceremony in July.

Otherwise we might not be able to process your award in time to invite you to the ceremony, although you will still receive the accreditation certificate and you will be invited to the award ceremony in the following year.

Assessment and Award Process

Your application will be quality assured, a decision will be made to validate your application and a certificate and trophy will be awarded at a ceremony in July provided you submitted your evidence in time for the assessment to be made. The award is valid for a period of three years.

About Coventry Lord Mayor’s Committee for Peace and Reconciliation

The Committee works to promote peace and reconciliation both within Coventry and beyond. It includes representatives from a variety of organisations in the city that support its aims. It organises events including the Lord Mayor’s Peace Lecture and programmes including the Schools Peace Poem Competition, Peace Song Competition and the Schools Peace and Justice Forum.

For more information visit


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